CBAM for suppliers
Understand how to comply with CBAM requirements being a supplier to the EU
Operators have CBAM obligations if:
  • Produce CBAM goods that are imported into the EU
  • Produce goods that serve as precursors for goods imported into the EU
Your EU partners will ask you to provide a Communication Template for Installations listing your produced goods and their emissions
Communication Template for Installations calculates your products' direct and indirect embedded emissions based on used fuel, electricity, and precursors. It also accounts for power and heat export/import and emission allocation between CBAM and non-CBAM produced goods.

Download Installation Communication Template from the CBAM Portal here
To properly complete the CTI, you need to request the like CTI from your suppliers. They, in turn, will need to base their CTI calculations on CTI from their suppliers and etc. to the very first producer of simple CBAM precursors
Starting from Q3 of 2024, use of default values in reporting emissions is limited to 20%. If you do not have measured emission values from your suppliers, contact us