Emission tracker

Tracks green-house-gas emissions and carbon footprint of CBAM goods produced in key EU-supplying countries
We are developing our proprietary database of emissions worldwide - Emission Tracker
Creating CBAM reports with default emission values is not a complex task. And many technically savvy firms can do this. But already in the third quarter of 2024 actual emissions will need to be reported. And that's where process and emission specialists (like us) and designated tools will play their key role. For this purpose we are building the Emission Tracker - the tool to collect and assess (where information is missing) actual GHG emissions. Emission Tracker comprises total and per tone of produced goods GHG emissions of key producers of CBAM goods imported into the EU.
Emission Tracker
Emission Tracker
Emission tracker software tool to identify carbon footprint of CBAM goods
The product is in development. Release date expected in Q4 of 2024.